In some situations your home or business A/C system can be your worst enemy. Sure, your central air conditioning system helps save you money and keeps you comfortable year round, but it also comes with its share of issues.  

Unfortunately, it also circulates everything in the air throughout your entire home. This includes pollen, mold spores and anything else that happens to be floating around. Don’t worry, there is no need to get rid of your A/C system. Instead, you can install a U/V sterilizer unit.

U/V sterilizers have been used in medical, aquatic and many other industries for many years. The premise is simple anything that goes past the U/V light will be eliminated. Think of it like a quiet bug zapper. This will reduce or eliminate the things floating around your home that can get you sick, make your allergies flare up, and more.

These units are usually maintenance-free with the exception of the bulbs, which you can schedule an annual bulb replacement when you schedule a general A/C maintenance through My A/C Solution. In our opinion, U/V sterilizers are a valued addition to any air conditioning system. When you are ready to add one to your home or business give us a call!

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